Chunliang Lyu

I am a developer and researcher from China. Love to make fun and useful stuff. Co-founded Hyperlink.


Hi, I am Chunliang. I love building stuff. I have co-founded Hyperlink. You can also check out my resume to learn more about me.


You can know me better by my preferences:

  • I don't trust code without tests
  • My language preferences: Scala > Python > Java >> PHP > Go > C/C++
  • I believe React is the future, though I have spent much time with AngularJS
  • I hate Perl, Internet Explorer
  • I love coffee better than tea
  • I used to love Emacs, before I met IntelliJ IDEA
  • I used to love ArchLinux, before I bought a MacBook
  • I believe we will eventually know how intelligence works, and build real AI
  • I do not have a good memory for names and faces
  • I have tried several times to learn a piece of musical instrument (guitar, piano, harmonica etc), and I will keep trying.
  • I admire people who make great stuff and make world better. I want to be one of them.