Chunliang Lyu

I am a developer and researcher from China. Love to make fun and useful stuff. Co-founded Hyperlink.


Here is an archive of interesting projects I have done. Most of the projects are open source on my GitHub.


  • Entity Search, checkout the paper published in CIKM 2013 and ACL 2015
  • Twitter Recommendation, check the paper published in ITWP 2012


  • Hyperlink, provides a platform to search all your content on different online services.

Side Projects

  • PiCooler, control the air conditioner with Raspberry Pi, see [/articles/control-air-conditioner-with-raspberry-pi/ this article].
  • GMailCleaner, a Flask app to batch delete newsletter emails from GMail, hosted on Heroku.
  • utils, a collection of utilities hosted on Google App Engine, including stuff like maven2sbt script.


  • SORM2, my fork of the SORM ORM framework, with various enhancement and customizations. see [this article](/articles/sorm2/).
  • docopt.scala, my fork of docopt for Scala.
  • elasticstore, a NodeJS package providing a high-level MongoDB-like API for ElasticSearch.
  • Organized OAuth Proxy, a Go app providing a Web API for authenticating OAuth services, support 22 service providers currently.



Angular directives/filters:

Drupal modules (mostly for Drupal 6 and 7):

  • Drupal Markdown, provides Markdown support for Drupal site.
  • Drupal Theme, my personal Drupal theme based on zen.
  • Drupal Challenge, a Drupal module to host online challenge, used in the Information Security and Countermeasures Contest in 2010 and 2011.

MediaWiki extensions:

TamperMonkey scripts: