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I am looking for a full-time developer job. I have spent four years of PhD research on entity search and natural language processing, and have much experience in ElasticSearch, Lucene and Spark. I speak proficiently in Python, Scala, Javascript and Java, and OK in Go, PHP and C++. I love building stuff and believe in the power of technology, that is why I have spent the last year doing my startup Hyperlink. You can check my resume and my projects. Talk to me if you are interested in working with me.


The Chinese University of Hong Kong , Ph.D.
  • Research Area: Entity Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Graph.
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Visiting Student
Beijing Institute of Technology , B.S. in Information Engineering, GPA 3.9

Projects [more]

Hyperlink (, Co-founder

Hyperlink is a unified platform for searching and managing personal information streams across 13 online services, such as social updates from Twitter and cloud files from Dropbox.

  • Developed the backend in Python 3, with Flask/PostgreSQL/ElasticSearch/Celery as main stack.
  • Designed the frontend using AngularJS, including extensive unit and end-to-end testing.
  • Deployed the system on Amazon Web Services with Docker, designed and validated the scaling strategy.
SwitchPal, Project Leader

SwitchPal is a device that snaps over an existing switch and turn it into a smart one. Equipped with multiple sensors, it can automate household appliances according to personal preferences.

  • Designed the hardware based on the TI CC2540 MCU, controllable via a custom Bluetooth 4.0 profile.
  • Implemented and released the iOS and Android apps, handling asynchronous Bluetooth operations.
  • Saved more than 2/3 electricity by deploying to student hostels to automatically control the air conditioners.
Entity Modeling and Retrieval System, Researcher

Proposed a novel entity retrieval system based on entity factoid hierarchy, together with a new entity model considering the HTML structure in webpages. Significantly improved the state-of-the-art performance.

  • Consolidated information about millions of entities from ClueWeb09, Freebase and DBpedia.
  • Designed an entity processing pipeline based on Spark, decreasing the processing time from days to hours.
  • Implemented multiple retrieval models in Lucene, with customized query analyzer to handle entity queries.
Twitter Recommendation System, Researcher

Built a personalized tweets recommendation system based on user profiles, achieved superior performance.

  • Constructed user profiles by aggregating keywords in tweets and propagating interests among friends.
  • Crawled millions of tweets from hundreds of thousands of Twitter users to test the system.

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